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Terms and Conditions | Joy Of Embroidery

Thank you for your interest in Joy Of Embroidery – Machine Embroidery and Applique Designs

All our designs are carefully manually created, tested and copyrighted by Joy Of Embroidery.

You may use our designs to sew on items for personal use.
You may sell items with our design for your small business that not exceed 1000 pieces.
You may sell items with our design on your personal website or on platforms such as
Etsy, Ebay, Facebook and similar.

You are NOT allowed to resell, share or copy the digital designs in part or whole.
You are NOT allowed to share or give away our designs.
You are NOT allowed to use our designs in part or whole for designing your own digital
projects intended for resell. Our designs are copyrighted and are intellectual property
of Joy Of Embroidery.
You are NOT allowed to use our designs for mass production.

The designs could display different colors on your embroidery software and machine
depanding on the file format your machine uses. Please use the included thread
color chart as reference only. Worksheet is included in each design.

We do not refund purchases due to the nature of the products. All sales are final.
In case you have any question or problem with our design please be free to contact us

All downloaded files are zipped and you will need first to unzip them using WINZIP or
similar program.

You will need an embroidery machine and a way to get the design from your computer
to your machine.

NOTE: We strongly suggest that you DO NOT edit, resize or alter our designs in any way.
We can not guarantee the quality of our designs if you do that and we can not be held

email: [email protected]